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Ariel Strasser


November 3, 2013

Our CD Release party at The Burren in Sommerville was a blast! We performed my debut album "Crooked Line" and some newer work as well, and had a wonderful crowd come out for the event. Thank you, everybody! It was a great evening with Nate Tucker and Max Judelson! Check out the Store page for details on how to download or purchase a hard copy.

Ariel Strasser

UpState LIVE! Review

October, 2013

"Opening for Chris was multi-talented newcomer Ariel Strasser. Ariel, a singer and songwriter hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota had the opportunity to grow up in a musical family. Her love of music extended to become her focus at Boston Conservatory where she concentrated on musical songwriting. Her talent in songwriting was apparent immediately as she began to belt out songs soon to be released on her new album Crooked Line. This petite young lady with such a strong voice and melodic sound, blew the audience away. She is one artist to keep tabs as on, as her career unfolds."

Ariel Strasser

Opening for Chris Trapper!


I've been honored and thrilled to work with Chris Trapper of the PushStars, opening for him on a number of tour dates this year, including Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, New York as well as Minneapolis, my hometown! I am so thrilled that Chris was able to to sing on my album Crooked Line and he is featured on two tracks, 'Kisses Like Yours' and 'Bittersweet'. Please check out Chris' new album and music videos, he is a great entertainer and songwriter!!!

Ariel Strasser, Singer Songwriter

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